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Título: Mandioca. A cultura, a sua análise económica e a respectiva cadeia produtiva no Brasil
Autor: Coimbra, Tomás Sassetti
Orientador: Carvalho, Bernardo Pacheco
Bernardes, Marcos Silveira
Siqueira, Marcos Vinicius Bohrer Monteiro
Palavras-chave: cassava
Data de Defesa: 2014
Editora: ISA
Citação: Coimbra, T.S. - Mandioca. A cultura, a sua análise económica e a respectiva cadeia produtiva no Brasil. Lisboa: ISA, 2014, 110 p.
Resumo: Cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) is a plant cultivated in the broad majority of tropical countries: genetic studies report its origin as from the amazonic basin from Brasil. This crop, used mainly as a food of great presence in the daily diet of the tropic populations, especially those of low income, has several applications such as its use in animal feeding as well as in the industries of food, textile, and energetic; predictions look to a future of growing importance of this crop in the exportation domain. This work first shows a characterization of cassava crop in the agronomic area, to afterwards, build the current context and the economic tendency of the past 20 years at Brasil and world levels. In this scope, the productive chain of starch in the center-south region of Brasil is characterized, highlighting the respective opportunities and limitations. At a world level, cassava is in rise, close to other large scale crops, having had an evolution superior to that of sweet-potato, a equally important tubercle. In Brasil, this crop is economically stagnated, due to many factors, here presented and discussed. In relation to the market of derivatives, as are starch and chips, it is dependent of Chinese demand, to supply their program of biofuels. These and other characteristics of the market and production of cassava will be referred in the present work so as to this important root can become better known, stated by some specialists as "a present from God".
Descrição: Mestrado em Agronomia Tropical e Desenvolvimento sustentável - Instituto Superior de Agronomia
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.5/6789
Aparece nas colecções:BISA - Dissertações de Mestrado / Master Thesis

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