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Título: Relatório Integrador da atividade profissional
Autor: Pascoal, Carolina Gaspar
Orientador: Cunha, Luísa Falcão e
Palavras-chave: agronomics engineering
rural development
food safety
agri-environment measures
Data de Defesa: 2013
Editora: ISA
Citação: Pascoal, C.G. - Relatório Integrador da atividade profissional. Lisboa: ISA, 2013, 82 p.
Resumo: This report is intended to comply with the Standards presented by the Scientific Council of the Superior Institute of Agronomy, from the University of Lisbon, for Development of a Professional Activity’s Report in accordance with paragraph 3 of 3rd article of the Second Cycle Study’s General Regulation leading to a Master’s degree, approved by Order (extract) n. 10544/2011, published in the Official Gazette, 2nd Series, n. 160, August 22, 2011, for "Pre-Bologna" undergraduates. Accordingly, the information included in the report was organized with the aim of showing the acquired skills through academic education, further training and professional experience. To this end, it is presented a detailed report of the professional activity developed by the author, describing the activities and responsibilities carried out in the places where she worked as agronomy’s engineer. This report also includes an approach to the subject of Food Safety and to the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and its reforms within the different Rural Development Programs, in order to provide a context to the acquired experience. The author began her professional career in 2001, acting as technician of Animal Production in several livestock breeding farms, with different species, having chosen to dedicate herself to the poultry farming business, especially to the production of broilers. In 2003 she was hired as Senior Technician for the Rural Development Aids Unit in the Institute for the Funding of Agriculture and Fishing (IFAP,IP). Since then, and to this date, she has continued to carry out her role in management, analysis and follow-up of the Agri-environment measures, having acquired experience and proficiency in both national and European agricultural policies, direct aids regime, statistical and economical information analysis, common agricultural policy reforms and rural development strategies. This curricular report intends to demonstrate how the author’s professional path allowed a development of the acquired knowledge provided by the university graduate degree, improving personal attributes and experience in the field of Agronomics Engineering.
Descrição: Mestrado em Engenharia Agronómica - Instituto Superior de Agronomia
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.5/6680
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