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Título: Relatório integrador da atividade profissional
Autor: Silva, Maria Cristina Costa Raposo Henriques Santana
Orientador: Santos, José Manuel de Lima
Palavras-chave: information
support measures
data bases
Data de Defesa: 2013
Editora: ISA
Citação: Silva, M.C.C.R.H.S. - Relatório integrador da atividade profissional. Lisboa: ISA, 2013, 43 p.
Resumo: This report aims to present the professional activity of the author, in order to allow a proper assessment of the expertise acquired and the duties performed, with a view to obtaining the degree of Masters in “Engenharia Agronómica” (Agricultural Engineering) with a specialization in “Economia Agrária e Gestão do Território” (Agricultural Economics and Land Management), in accordance with the “Regulamento Geral dos Segundos Ciclos de Estudo Conducentes ao Grau de Mestre do ISA” (General Regulations of Study Second Cycles Leading to the Degree of Master of ISA). The author graduated in Agricultural Engineering, in the field of Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology from the “Instituto Superior de Agronomia”. She performed her professional activity in the currently designated “Instituto de Financiamento da Agricultura e Pescas, I.P.”, carrying on her main function in the production of statistics on the measures financed by the European Agricultural Guarantee Fund. She also collaborated in the implementation and the development of the Statistical Information System of the Institute. She presently integrates the Unit for the Reengineering of the Processes of the same Institute. The report begins with a brief presentation of the history, the powers and the organizational structure of the Institute, followed by the description of the expertise acquired and the role carried out by the author, finally looking to exert a critical and integrative analysis of these expertise, in order to justify the attribution of the Degree of Masters.
Descrição: Mestrado em Engenharia Agronómica - Instituto Superior de Agronomia
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.5/6460
Aparece nas colecções:BISA - Relatórios Integradores da Atividade Profissional

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