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Título: Internationalization under strains : The case Portugal Telecom in Brazil from the perspective of its investments, financial performance and returns
Autor: Fonseca, Manoel Justiniano Melo da
Silva, Joaquim Ramos
Menezes, Ana Maria Ferreira
Palavras-chave: Internationalization
Foreign direct investment
Portugal Telecom
Financial results
Data: 7-Out-2011
Citação: Fonseca, Manoel Justiniano Melo da, Joaquim Ramos Silva, Ana Maria Ferreira Menezes. 2011. "Internationalization under strains : The case Portugal Telecom in Brazil from the perspective of its investments, financial performance and returns". Instituto Superior de Economia e Gestão.
Resumo: The aim of this paper is to analyze the investments made by Portugal Telecom (PT) in the Brazilian telecommunications sector as well as their financial results. There are a lot of complex and multifaceted questions underlying such an issue, mainly related to the size and characteristics of this particular foreign direct investment operation of a Portuguese company. In light of this, we will try to answer to the following points: which are the financial results achieved by PT in Brazil through its investments? Which is their contribution to the financial health of PT from 1998 to 2009? In our research we take into account the perspective of international business theories, particularly at the early stages of the internationalization process, and that of theoretical institutionalism that gives emphasis to the technical environment, analyzing organizations as efficient if they produce goods or services accepted by the market and, consequently, reach their goals. From a company's financial results it can be deduced whether or not the strategy and objectives defined are consistent with the prospect of success and recognition, in line with the arguments developed by Scott (1991, 1992 and 2008). The main part of the paper is thus concentrated in the analysis of the financial results of PT through several indicators regarding investments, revenues, returns and other related aspects. The study allows the conclusion that despite the hard and complex life of PT in Brazil from 1998 to 2009, positive financial results were obtained and the strategy and objectives defined in the beginning of the process had favorable conditions to be successful.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.5/6368
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