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Título: Impacts on water, soil and plants from the abandoned Miguel Vacas copper mine, Portugal
Autor: Abreu, M.M.
Matias, M.J.
Magalhães, M.Clara F.
Basto, M.J.
Palavras-chave: phosphates
copper mine
soil copper contamination
Prunus domestica
Quercus ilex
Data: 2008
Editora: Elsevier
Citação: "Journal of Geochemical Exploration". ISSN 0375-6742. 96 (2008) 161-170
Resumo: Soil, water and plant geochemistry was studied around the Miguel Vacas copper mine (Alentejo, SE Portugal), which stopped its exploitation and processing activities in 1991. After closure waste-rock piles remained exposed to weathering. The copper ore was mainly composed of copper phosphates and carbonates. Remediation actions were insufficient to prevent the spreading of waste-rock materials to surrounding farmed fields. The latter caused contamination of soils and water. Based on overall characteristics water from wells and surface stream water mostly can be classified as of the sulphate magnesium type. The application of a chemical equilibrium model to the sampled water showed that copper, phosphate and sulphate concentrations are controlled by copper(II) secondary minerals (pseudomalachite, libethenite and malachite) and gypsum. Nevertheless, groundwater can be used for irrigation and cattle based on quality parameters. Soils and plants (Prunus domestica L., Olea europaea L. spp. europaea and Quercus ilex L.) were collected southeast of the open pit and the exploitation substructures. The soils located in the influence of drainage water that percolated through waste material or exploitation substructures were contaminated with Cu, and Ni was close to the maximum value allowed by Portuguese legislation. These soils, however, did not show elevated Zn and Mn concentrations. The trace element content in plants was within the normal range, with Q. ilex being able to accumulate Mn and to some extent also Ni. Dispersion of trace elements seemed to be limited to a distance 1500 m down from the waste dumps in southeastern direction.
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.5/5627
ISSN: 0375-6742
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