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Título: Guia geobotânico da excursão ALFA 2009 ao litoral alentejano
Autor: Arsénio, P.
Neto, C.
Monteiro-Henriques, T.
Costa, José Carlos
Palavras-chave: flora
Data: 2009
Editora: ALFA
Citação: "Quercetea". ISSN 0874-5250. 9 (2009) 4-44
Resumo: The organization of the Geobotanical Excursion by ALFA (Associação Lusitana de Fitossociologia) is yet another contribution for the enhancement and addition of scientific knowledge regarding the flora and vegetation of the Portuguese territory. This field guide is, thus, a synthetic description of the flora and vegetation occurring in the Coastal Vincentine biogeographical district. Considering both the richness and relevance of its flora (including many endemic species, in particular along its dune fields and rocky cliffs), as well as the diversity of its plant communities, it is clear that we are before one of the most valuable territories regarding nature conservation and biodiversity. Consequently, the locations described in the present field trip guide try to include a large array of habitats (and respective plant communities) occurring in the study region, although with no pretension of being complete. For each community enumerated an ecological characterization is presented, focusing on its hydrology, pedology, geology and geomorphology, as well as bioclimate. Some new syntaxa are presented, which resulted from the field survey undertaken. Lastly, the altitudinal cliseries of the study area is presented.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.5/5410
ISSN: 0874-5250
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