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Título: A global view on the riparian forests with Salix neotricha and Populus alba in the Iberian Peninsula (Portugal and Spain)
Autor: Costa, José Carlos
Neto, Carlos
Capelo, Jorge
Lousã, Mário
Rivas-Martinez, Salvador
Palavras-chave: riverine forests
populenion albae
Populetalia albae
running waters
trophic values of water
Data: 2011
Editora: Taylor & Francis
Citação: José Carlos Costa, Carlos Neto, Jorge Capelo, Mário Lousã & Salvador Rivas-Martínez (2011): A global view on the riparian forests with Salix neotricha and Populus alba in the Iberian Peninsula (Portugal and Spain), Plant Biosystems - An International Journal Dealing with all Aspects of Plant Biology, DOI:10.1080/11263504.2011.584719
Resumo: Forests dominated by Salix neotricha, and Populus alba found along the mesoeutrophic rivers in the Iberian Peninsula, were studied. We discuss the floristic circumscription, chorology, and community segregation based on the available releve´s of all Iberian riparian communities included in Populenion albae. Eleven formerly described communities were analyzed and due to original floristic combination, habitat features, and biogeographic scope, a new willow and poplar forest type is proposed within a well-defined biogeographical unit (Sadensean-Dividing Portuguese Subprovince): Clematido campaniflorae- Salicetum neotrichae. This syntaxon is found under a semi-hyperoceanic thermomediterranean to lower mesomediterranean, subhumid to humid bioclimate. Cluster analysis including all Iberian communities of Populenion albae shows a clear floristic segregation within the suballiance and confirms the originality of the new association. Furthermore, chemical characteristics of the water along some of the Portuguese watercourses with Populenion albae were studied and compared to the oligotrophic rivers occupied by Osmundo-Alnion communities. This study suggests that floristic separation between the communities of Populenion and Osmundo-Alnion is accompanied by a differentiation of the water trophic level.
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.5/5065
ISSN: 1724-5575
Versão do Editor: http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/11263504.2011.584719
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