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Título: Educação Agro-ambiental: a floresta como tema de trabalho
Outros títulos: Agricultural environmental education: the woodland as a working subject
Autor: Colaço, Maria da Conceição
Carvalho, Mariana
Palavras-chave: environmental education
Tapada da Ajuda
fire prevention
Data: 2008
Editora: Univ. da Corunã
Citação: "Revista Galego-Lusófona de Educación Ambiental". ISSN 1887-2417. 2(6) (2008) 149-160
Resumo: This article focuses on the agro forestry environmental education program, which has been currently in operation since 1996 and managed by the Superior Institute of Agronomy, Lisbon. Tapada of Ajuda belongs to the Superior Institute of Agronomy and was once a country residence of the Portuguese Royal Family. Along with this fine historical country house the grounds consists of a mixture of agricultural land and associated woodland, providing good environmental educational opportunities. Among the 14 areas studied, 4 are exclusively concerned with the forestry issue from different aspects. “Tree and Paper”, thematic campaign included in the project Rural World and Nature Conservation, (the paper market, productive woodland v protected woodland, biodiversity, and influence of forestry management on nature conservation). “Water and Woodland: a sensory experience” aimed at blind and partially sighted individuals who explore their environment. “Woodland and Fire” based on forest fires, their causes, fire ecology and minimising actions. “Desertification” the importance of forestry on soil conservation
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.5/4858
ISSN: 1887-2417
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