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Título: Ecologia, modelos e impactes. Critérios para uma ética do uso (agroflorestal) do solo
Autor: Casquilho, José Pinto
Palavras-chave: ecology
land use systems
natural resources
mathematical model
environmental impact
Data: 1994
Citação: "Revista Florestal". ISSN 0871-8334. 7 (1994) 3-20
Resumo: Problems concerning the rational allocation of land use resources are getting bigger, since are larger both the planning time horizon and the conscience of the possibility of breaking the ecosystem’s resistance points. An extreme example could be the potential desertification induced by anthropic pressure. It is presented a mathematical model that exemplifies how this could happen, between the so-called climax and desert points. We discuss how mathematical models and empirical perception work together in order to build tools that allow a consistent simulation of ecosystem’s behavior, although with the risk of facing chaotic dynamics and global unpredictability. It’s proposed a criterion to evaluate environmental impacts (associated with different land use systems) justified at the level of information theory (Shannon-Weaver). Such a criterion is admissible in a sustainability strategy, in particular the one we consider derived from Pearce and Page.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.5/4734
ISSN: 0871-8334
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