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Título: Zonas de incidência da doença da murchidão do pinheiro na Herdade da Comporta com recurso a SIG
Autor: Amador, Lúcia Maria Cesteiro
Orientador: Sousa, Edmundo Manuel Rodrigues
Pereira, José Miguel Cardoso
Palavras-chave: Pinus pinaster
pine wood nematode
pine wilt disease
Herdade da Comporta
Data de Defesa: 2011
Editora: ISA/UTL
Citação: Amador, Lúcia Maria Cesteiro - Zonas de incidência da doença da murchidão do pinheiro na Herdade da Comporta com recurso a SIG. Lisboa: ISA, 2011
Resumo: It is widely known the economic importance of maritime pine, its current distribution area of resulting fundamentally from human activity. This roughly corresponds to the coastal strip stretching from the Tagus and Sado basins to the river Minho, extending inland in the North and Center. The area where we performed this analysis is located in Herdade da Comporta, in particular in forest stands of pine (Pinus pinaster), in a total area of 12 600 ha of which nearly 6900 ha are occupied with this species. Looking at the district of Setúbal and more specifically at our study area, we are faced with one of the most forested areas of the country. Thinking about the strong presence of the maritime pine and its current problems (NMP) a mapping of the evolution of this species in this territory was conducted. The final result obtained is maps with densities of pine from 1999 to 2009. All the exercises have been achieved with the help of ArcView 3.3 or ArcGis 9.3. With this result, it becomes possible in the future to develop new mapping, which will give us the trends and realites of the spatial evolution of the pest.
Descrição: Mestrado em Engenharia Florestal e dos Recursos Naturais - Instituto Superior de Agronomia
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.5/4137
Aparece nas colecções:BISA - Dissertações de Mestrado / Master Thesis

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