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Título: Paisagens culturais: memória de uma identidade colectiva para o futuro. Caso estudo: "Deserto Carmelita do Bussaco"
Autor: Costa, Cláudia Marisa Correia da
Orientador: Almeida, Ana Luísa Soares Ló de
Azambuja, Sónia Talhé
Palavras-chave: world heritage
cultural landscape
Data de Defesa: 2011
Editora: ISA/UTL
Citação: Costa, Cláudia Marisa Correia da - Paisagens culturais: memória de uma identidade colectiva para o futuro. Caso estudo:Deserto carmelita do Bussaco. Lisboa: ISA, 2011
Resumo: The present scientific work has the objective to study the relations between the actions of man on Landscape, the way he marked it for centuries, and their importance for future generations, to understand which memories, through the legacies transmitted by them, they build and regain, namely in the case of the “Carmelite Desert of Bussaco”. The methods used in the treatment and study of the reminiscent Cultural Heritage are diversified. In this way, it’s important to create an interdisciplinary and permanent interpretation of the Cultural Landscape, and of its interaction with the local communities, recurring to international approached methodologies, and conjugating them with project methods and with the application of anthropological concepts. As result, we achieve an including project, for a differentiated public, at a local scale, and adequate to Landscape needs. Pointing to proper functions and lifestyles from specific times, we keep the religious symbolism of the Carmelite Heritage, framing it in a new context. Implying the Human component, transmitted by the Discalced Carmelite Order, and connected to Natural and Historic Heritage, we conclude the necessity of reclaim, support and protection, from where this work intends to contribute with a significant step to elevate the “Desert” to World Heritage.
Descrição: Mestrado em Arquitectura Paisagista - Instituto Superior de Agronomia
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.5/4078
Aparece nas colecções:BISA - Dissertações de Mestrado / Master Thesis

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APENDICE2_SACROMONTES_Mundo_29.12.2011_ClaudiaCosta.pdfApendice 2220,66 kBAdobe PDFVer/Abrir
APENDICE3_SACROMONTES_Portugal_29.12.2011_ClaudiaCosta.pdfApendice 3119,88 kBAdobe PDFVer/Abrir
DEFESA_DISSERTAÇAO_29.12.2011_ClaudiaCosta.pdfDefesa - Dissertação16,39 MBAdobe PDFVer/Abrir
DISSERTAÇAO_ANEXOS_29.12.2011_ClaudiaCosta.pdfAnexos6,61 MBAdobe PDFVer/Abrir
DISSERTAÇAO_BIBLIOGRAFIA_GLOSSARIO_29.12.2011_ClaudiaCosta_.pdfBibliografia - Glossário316,73 kBAdobe PDFVer/Abrir
DISSERTAÇAO_CAPA_29.12.2011_ClaudiaCosta.pdfCapa510,16 kBAdobe PDFVer/Abrir
DISSERTAÇAO_CORPOTEXTO_29.12.2011_ClaudiaCosta.pdfDissertação - Texto2,13 MBAdobe PDFVer/Abrir
DISSERTAÇAO_INDICES_29.12.2011_ClaudiaCosta.pdfIndices192,59 kBAdobe PDFVer/Abrir
DISSERTAÇAO_RESUMOS_AGRADECIMENTOS_29.12.2011_ClaudiaCosta.pdfResumos146,85 kBAdobe PDFVer/Abrir
GUIA_ModeloPostais_29.12.2011_ClaudiaCosta.pdfGuia - Modelo2,27 MBAdobe PDFVer/Abrir
GUIA_PEÇA1_PlanoGeral_29.12.2011_ClaudiaCosta.pdf2,56 MBAdobe PDFVer/Abrir
GUIA_PEÇA4_Patrimonio_29.12.2011_ClaudiaCosta.pdf1,29 MBAdobe PDFVer/Abrir
GUIA_PEÇA7_Inclinaçao_29.12.2011_ClaudiaCosta.pdf1,29 MBAdobe PDFVer/Abrir
GUIA_ViaCrucis_29.12.2011_ClaudiaCosta.pdf14,03 MBAdobe PDFVer/Abrir
PEÇA1_PlanoGeral_29.12.2011_ClaudiaCosta.pdf8,94 MBAdobe PDFVer/Abrir
PEÇA2_CurvasNivel_29.12.2011_ClaudiaCosta.pdf119,42 kBAdobe PDFVer/Abrir
PEÇA3_Vias_29.12.2011_ClaudiaCosta.pdf4 MBAdobe PDFVer/Abrir
PEÇA4_Patrimonio_29.12.2011_ClaudiaCosta.pdf3,93 MBAdobe PDFVer/Abrir
PEÇA5_Coordenadas_29.12.2011_ClaudiaCosta.pdf146,02 kBAdobe PDFVer/Abrir
PEÇA6_Vegetaçao_29.12.2011_ClaudiaCosta.pdf3,88 MBAdobe PDFVer/Abrir
PEÇA7_Inclinaçao_29.12.2011_ClaudiaCosta.pdf147,01 kBAdobe PDFVer/Abrir
PEÇA8_Mobiliario_29.12.2011_ClaudiaCosta.pdf3,87 MBAdobe PDFVer/Abrir

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