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Título: Sinais de consciência. Os desafios da realidade contemporânea na construção da paisagem
Autor: Santos, Sebastião Ferreira de Almeida
Orientador: Raposo, Catarina José da Silva
Magalhães, Maria Manuela Raposo
Palavras-chave: paisagem
Data de Defesa: 2010
Editora: ISA
Resumo: On April 3rd 1968, Stanley Kubrick presented in NY, ‹‹2001 Space Odyssey››. As the film followed its course through European movie theatres, dramatic events such as the death of Robert Kennedy engrossed the attention of the western elites, alarmed by the hippy parade and the new feminism. Somewhere in the universe, a few astronauts travelling in a spaceship controlled by supercomputer HAL become aware of the machine’s error/treason. David Bowman will shut it down. However, HAL’s «death» turns out to be the beginning of regeneration. The words «disconnect», «regenerate», «reactivate» detach themselves from the movie and make their way into the present dissertation, where one attempts to undertake a selective journey to the current state of the world (resources, energy, globalization, illegality). Landscape is a reflection of this state of affairs, the visible side of its achievements and set-backs. The present dissertation analyses a concrete case proposing process capable of regenerating ecological processes and redefine relations between occupation and economy. Moreover, the illegal human settlements threatened by the sea create the opportunity to give places a new life and welcome emergent courses.Maybe Kubrik’s landscape is to be found somewhere in these places... a premonitory light briefly intercepting contemporary culture.
Descrição: Mestrado em Arquitectura Paisagista - Instituto Superior de Agronomia
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.5/3114
Aparece nas colecções:BISA - Dissertações de Mestrado / Master Thesis

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A0.pdfLinha de respiração21,85 MBAdobe PDFVer/Abrir
A 1.pdfEscala Territorial18,76 MBAdobe PDFVer/Abrir
Biodiversidade.pdf8,36 MBAdobe PDFVer/Abrir
EsboçoGeomorfologico.pdf101,88 kBAdobe PDFVer/Abrir
EstruturaUrbana.pdf10,08 MBAdobe PDFVer/Abrir
EstruturaViária.pdf6,93 MBAdobe PDFVer/Abrir
MorfologiaLitoral.pdf13,41 MBAdobe PDFVer/Abrir
Processos.pdf10,05 MBAdobe PDFVer/Abrir
A 2.pdfFormação da aplanação litoral20,68 MBAdobe PDFVer/Abrir
A3.pdfO desenvolvimento da agricultura196,57 MBAdobe PDFVer/Abrir
A4.pdfA diversificação de usos188,21 MBAdobe PDFVer/Abrir
A5.pdfA diversificação de usos. II375,73 MBAdobe PDFVer/Abrir
A6.pdfRecuo da linha da costa417,67 MBAdobe PDFVer/Abrir
A7.pdfEscala do Lugar251,62 MBAdobe PDFVer/Abrir
A8.pdfCova do Vapor291,85 MBAdobe PDFVer/Abrir
A9.pdfCova do Vapor - II351,49 MBAdobe PDFVer/Abrir
A10.pdfBairro dos Torrões371,53 MBAdobe PDFVer/Abrir
A11.pdfTrafaria e Aterro361,97 MBAdobe PDFVer/Abrir
A12.pdfMorfologia do litoral. Sistema de valas323,88 MBAdobe PDFVer/Abrir
A13.pdfSistema de vegetação. Unidades geomorfológicas311 MBAdobe PDFVer/Abrir

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