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Título: Contributo para a salvaguarda, valorização e divulgação do património cultural - caso de estudo Castelo de Noudar
Autor: Melo, Maria Francisca Calais Grilo Homem de
Orientador: Almeida, Ana Luísa Soares Ló de
Palavras-chave: Castelo de Noudar
national heritage
património cultural
Data de Defesa: 2010
Editora: ISA
Resumo: The interest for the identification and disclosure of historic heritage has been growing in the last decades. This affirmation is supported by the concept of the heritage - natural, cultural, historical, artistic and linguistic - as the legacy that distinguishes a country, recognizing it as unique and different, going against the trend towards leveling and uniformity in this world that is increasingly globalized. The first chapter is about the heritage concept history, which has been improved in the last years. If in the beginning the concept was addressed only to the constructed elements, with the evolution of time, the concept of heritage start to be extended to a whole world, since urban groups, to the sites, cultural and natural landscapes. Thus, and with their growing importance, this concept felt the need to divide into two branches which, although distinct, are always intertwined: Cultural and Natural Heritage. The second chapter shows that the increasing of the importance for the protection had positive effects in several layers. This emphasis on protection and preservation of cultural and natural heritage has been increasing over the years, evidenced by the increasing emergence of global bodies, since European to National, with governmental and non-governmental nature. With this concern for its protection, has also increased the tourist interest in the Cultural Heritage, which is an alternative to common tourism, already so crowded in our society. The third chapter shows exactly that, the born of a new kind of tourism. Tourism is an excellent vehicle for cultural transmission, so it works as a powerful means of preserving the heritage. For this reason, we cannot restrict the Portuguese tourism to our excellent beaches, extensive golf courses and modern hotels. We should open its horizons to the attention of the past of cultures and landscapes, which mark and make it unique. With the study of the early chapters became the interest of take part in this concern for heritage safeguard. For that, were studied several castles’ restore interventions, with a view to recognize successfully cases. Within these projects stand out Moura, Évoramonte, Palmela and Silves Castles, in Portugal, and the Caernarfon Castle, in Britain, and Sohai Castle, in Spain, where had been proposedarchaeological interventions of conservation and restoration, qualification of public open spaces, as the installation of interpretive centers, as examples of initiatives to exploit this heritage. The last chapter was reserved for an intervention project in the castle of Noudar wich were developed in partnership with the Barrancos Municipal Council and EDIA- Alqueva Infrfastructure Development Enterprise, as with a team of architects and archaeologists. The aim of this intervention concerns, not only in the optimization of Castle Noudar as historic, architectural and cultural heritage, but also in creating a point of tourist attraction that will have an important role in consolidating the region's tourism offer. With this restoration project for the Noudar Castle and as a conclusion of this dissertation it’s aimed to contribute to the promotion, preservation and disclosure of national heritage, emphasizing what's most grandiose in our country, allowing the improvement of public use, as well as it integration into the region's tourist routes, with the intention to respect the medieval heritage, promoting its historical and cultural value as a tourist product of the XXI century
Descrição: Mestrado em Arquitectura Paisagista - Instituto Superior de Agronomia
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.5/3092
Aparece nas colecções:BISA - Dissertações de Mestrado / Master Thesis

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