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Título: Effects of individual and population parameters on reproductive success in three sexually deceptive orchid species
Autor: Vandewoestijne, S.
Róis, A.S.
Caperta, A.
Baguette, M.
Tyteca, D.
Palavras-chave: Ophrys
pollinator limitation
reproductive success
sexually deceptive orchids
Data: 2009
Editora: German Botanical Society and The Royal Botanical Society of The Netherlands
Citação: "Plant Biology". ISSN 1435-8603. 11 (2009) 454-463
Resumo: Reproductive success (RS) in orchids in general, and in non-rewarding species specifically, is extremely low. RS is pollinator and pollination limited in food deceptive orchids, but this has rarely been studied in sexually deceptive orchid species. Here, we tested the effects of several individual (plant height, inflorescence size, nearest neighbour distance and flower position) and population (patch geometry, population density and size) parameters on RS in three sexually deceptive Ophrys (Orchidaceae) species. Inter-specific differences were observed in RS of flowers situated in the upper versus the lower part of the inflorescence, likely due to species-specific pollinator behaviour. For all three species examined, RS increased with increasing plant height, inflorescence size and nearest neighbour distance. RS generally increased with decreasing population density and increasing patch elongation. Given these results, we postulate that pollinator availability, rather than pollinator learning, is the most limiting factor in successful reproduction for sexually deceptive orchids. Our results also suggest that olfactory ‘display’ (i.e. versus optical display), in terms of inflorescence size (and covarying plant height), plays a key role in individual RS of sexually deceptive orchids. In this regard, several hypotheses are suggested and discussed.
Descrição: Research Paper
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.5/2852
ISSN: 1435-8603
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