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Título: Controlo do rendimento na casta Aragonez
Outros títulos: Cluster thinning in Aragonez
Autor: Silva, Maria Jacinta Nunes da Costa Gomes Sobral
Orientador: Lopes, Carlos Manuel Antunes
Palavras-chave: videira
monda dos cachos
casta Aragonez
cluster thinning
Data de Defesa: 2009
Resumo: The purpose of the present work was to study the effects of the cluster thinning at veraison in the yield, grape composition and wine quality of the Aragonez variety in a trial located at Quinta do Pinto vineyard, Merceana. The experimental design consisted in randomizes blocks, with four blocks and two treatments, named M and T, which correspond, respectively, to a 50% and 0% intensity of the cluster thinning. Vine and fruit measures were performed during ripening and at harvest. Under the seasonal conditions experienced the cluster thinning, lead to a 40% decrease in the yield as well as higher total soluble solids. The other grapes attributes did not show any significant differences at harvest in the remaining tested parameters. The preliminary wine sensory analysis indicates that there weren´t detected sensory differences attributes in wine made from cluster thinning treatments. The cluster thinning, by accelerating the ripening, allowed anticipating the harvest, reducing the grapes from the early rains, with benefic consequences for the grape quality as it doesn’t allow the dilution of its components and avoid the development of the Botryis cinerea Pers.
Descrição: Mestrado em Viticultura e Enologia - Instituto Superior de Agronomia / Universidade do Porto
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.5/2455
Aparece nas colecções:BISA - Dissertações de Mestrado / Master Thesis

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