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2018Do individual investors trade differently in different markets?Abreu, Margarida; Mendes, VictorworkingPaperopenAccess
2017The investor in structured retail products : marketing driven or gambling oriented?Abreu, Margarida; Mendes, VictorworkingPaperopenAccess
2017How biased is the behavior of the individual investor in warrants?Abreu, MargaridaworkingPaperopenAccess
2017Labour content of international trade in intermediates : the case of PortugalMartínez-Galán, Enrique; Fontoura, Maria PaulaworkingPaperopenAccess
2017Effects of euro area monetary policy on institutional sectors : the case of PortugalAfonso, António; Silva, JorgeworkingPaperopenAccess
2017Fiscal sustainability analysis : the case of PALOP economiesAfonso, António; Leão, Emanuel Reis; Tiny, Dilson; Bhimjee, Diptes C. P.workingPaperopenAccess
2017The impact of investment in Public Private Partnerships on Public, Private investment and GDP in PortugalPimentel, Inácia; St.Aubyn, Miguel; Ribeiro, NunoworkingPaperopenAccess
2017Euro area sovereign yields and the power of QEAfonso, António; Kazemi, MinaworkingPaperopenAccess
2017Transparency, quality of institutions and performance in the Italian MunicipalitiesGalli, Emma; Rizzo, Ilde; Scaglioni, CarlaworkingPaperopenAccess
2017Assessing the sustainability of external imbalances in the European UnionAfonso, António; Huart, Florence; Jalles, João Tovar; Stanek, PiotrworkingPaperopenAccess
Jul-2010A quantitative approach to the effects of social policy measures. An application to Portugal, using Social Accounting MatricesSantos, SusanaworkingPaperopenAccess
Abr-2011The Underlying Database of an Instrument for Economic and Social Policy Analysis for the Azores. Application and Extension to 2005Santos, SusanaworkingPaperopenAccess
Ago-2011Measuring (socio-)economic systems using the SNA. A SAM approachSantos, SusanaworkingPaperopenAccess
Out-2011Measuring the activity of European and African Countries using Social Accounting MatricesSantos, SusanaworkingPaperopenAccess
Fev-2014Studying the Socio-Economics of Ageing using Social Accounting and Socio-Demographic Matrices. An application to PortugalSantos, SusanaworkingPaperopenAccess
Nov-2014Approach to the socio-economic activity of countries with a Social Accounting Matrices supported by Socio-Demographic Matrices. An application to Portugal.Santos, SusanaworkingPaperopenAccess
Dez-2015The informal aspects of the activity of countries studied through Social Accounting and Socio-Demographic MatricesSantos, SusanaworkingPaperopenAccess
2017Sovereign yield spreads in the EMU : crisis and structural determinantsAfonso, António; Leal, Frederico SilvaworkingPaperopenAccess
2017Sovereign default contagion : an agent-based model approachSilvestre, JoãoworkingPaperopenAccess
1-Mar-2017The portuguese households' indebtednessAlves, José; Pereira, RitaworkingPaperopenAccess
Items da Coleção (Ordenados por Data de depósito em ordem descendente): 1 até 20 de 276