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Título: Web-interface for geo-referencing forest economic valuation surveys
Autor: Palma, J.H.N.
Yao, R.
Payn, T.
Palavras-chave: forest
economic valuation
Data: 2010
Resumo: In New Zealand, 90% of forests consist of one type of exotic tree: Radiata pine (Pinus radiata). A study on the management of such exotic planted forests in New Zealand for the conservation of threatened native animals and plants (e.g., kiwi, kakabeak) is undergoing and socio-economic questionnaires are an important tool to understand public views on the role of exotic forests for the native species. In such questionnaires, is important to understand the relationship of the answers to landscape elements, either natural (e.g. mountain) or more artificial (e.g. buildings). An online tool to geo-reference the answers has been developed to retrieve (and treat with confidentially) coordinates by the interviewed. The tool uses a mix of programming languages (HTML, Javascript, PHP, and Ajax) as well as the GoogleMaps© application programming interface to interact with the user to locate their living place. The tool supplies the coordinates to the analysts which, through landscape metrics, will relate the qualitative importance given by certain answers to the proximity to certain elements in the landscape. The tool (see link below) can be adapted to any survey that could consider the coordinates of the answers as an added value to the questionnaires analysis. Link: http://home.isa.utl.pt/~joaopalma/surveys/nzfalcon
Descrição: Poster
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.5/2275
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