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Título: Simbolos usados na inventariação e modelação de recursos florestais
Outros títulos: Symbols used in inventory and modelling of forest resources
Autor: Soares, Paula
Tomé, Margarida
Palavras-chave: forest resources
forest inventory
recursos florestais
inventário florestal
Data: Mai-2008
Editora: Instituto Superior de Agronomia. Centro de Estudos Florestais
Citação: Soares, P., Tomé, M., 2008. Símbolos Usados na Inventariação e Modelação de Recursos Florestais, 2ª Versão – Symbols Used in Inventory and Modelling of Forest Resources; 2nd version. Publicações ForChange, RT5/2008, Universidade Técnica de Lisboa, Instituto Superior Agronomia, Centro de Estudos Florestais, Lisboa, 27 pp.
Relatório da Série N.º: Publicações Forchange;RT5/2008
Resumo: In 1959 IUFRO, the International Union of Forest Research, has adopted a standardized forest symbology that was published by Van Soest et al. (1959) with a new edition in 1965 by the Maine Agricultural Experiment Station. The symbology that is now proposed represents an update of the IUFRO symbology. The symbology is based on the English language being common the use of abbreviations of the English words (e.g. altura total da árvore is represented by h, from the English tree height). However, some symbols are from the German language (e.g.., basal area is represented by G, from the German Grundfläche), country responsible by the initial development of Silviculture, has a science, and where IUFRO was founded. When variables were not listed in the Van Soest work, a specific symbology was developed based, when possible, in the same principles that the IUFRO symbology. In this 2nd version of “Symbols Used in Inventory and Modelling of Forest Resources” new symbols and English designations are included. In this work it was assumed that symbols should be easily recognized, simple and should not be in conflict with mathematical or other symbols commonly found in forest literature. Three types of symbols are presented: 1. tree variables, represented by small letters; 2. mean tree variables, variable symbol plus g letter, which represents mean tree basal area; e.g., dg, represents the quadratic mean diameter 3. stand variables, represented by capital letters when referred by unit area or small letters when represent the mean, extreme values or particular values of the tree in the stand. e.g. V represents total stand volume per hectare dmax represents maximum stand diameter hdom represents dominant height, average height of the largest 100 trees per hectare
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