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Título: Economic impacts of ageing: an interindustry approach
Autor: Albuquerque, Paula
Lopes, João Carlos
Palavras-chave: Ageing
Consumption behaviour
Data: 2010
Editora: ISEG – Departamento de Economia
Citação: Albuquerque, Paula C., João C. Lopes. 2010. "Economic impacts of ageing: an interindustry approach". Instituto Superior de Economia e Gestão - Working Papers 01/2010/DE/SOCIUS/UECE
Relatório da Série N.º: Working papers DE/SOCIUS/UECE;01/2010
Resumo: Purpose - The purpose of this paper is to quantify the impact of the evolution of consumption patterns associated with ageing on the relative importance of industries in Portugal. Design/Methodology/Approach - This paper uses data from the Family Spending Survey to disaggregate the Household column of the Portuguese Input-Output Table in different age groups, projecting their consumption, using the latest demographic projections made by Statistics Portugal (INE). Findings - The study identifies the industries that are likely to be stimulated by the ageing of the Portuguese populations, as well as the industries that will most likely become disadvantaged by the process. Social implications - The task of identification of growing and declining industries due to ageing is important to help the design of employment, environmental, and social policies. Original/Value - The contemporary demographic trends in western societies have added to the importance of studying the economic and social consequences of ageing. Previously, the main issues have been the labour market effects, the sustainability of social security systems, and long-term care. In this paper, we address a different research topic, quantifying the sectoral impact of the evolution of consumption patterns associated with ageing.
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ISSN: 0874-4548
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