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Título: Control of grapevine wood fungi in commercial nurseries
Autor: Oliveira, Helena
Rego, Cecilia
Nascimento, Teresa
Cabral, Ana
Silva, Maria José
Palavras-chave: cylindrocarpon
black foot disease
chemical control
Data: 2009
Editora: Mediterranean Phytopathological Union
Citação: "Phytopathologia Mediterranea". ISSN 0031-9465. 48 (2009) 128-135
Resumo: Previous surveys conducted in commercial nurseries found that different wood fungi, namely Cylindrocarpon spp., Botryosphaeriaceae, Phomopsis viticola and Phaeomoniella chlamydospora infect grapevine cuttings. Two fi eld trials were carried out to evaluate the effectiveness of cyprodinil + fl udioxonil, pyraclostrobin + metiram, fl udioxonil and cyprodinil to prevent or reduce natural infections caused by such fungi. Rootstock and scion cuttings were soaked in fungicidal suspensions for 50 min prior to grafting. After callusing, the grafted cuttings were planted in two commercial fi eld nurseries with and without a previous history of grapevine cultivation. After nine months in the nursery, the plants were uprooted and analysed for the incidence and severity of the wood fungi. Plants uprooted from the fi eld without a previous history of grapevine cultivation were generally less strongly infected by wood fungi. Under this condition, only the mixture cyprodinil + fl udioxonil simultaneously reduced the incidence of Cylindrocarpon and Botryosphaeriaceae fungi, as well as the severity of Cylindrocarpon infections. Treatments did not produce signifi cant differences in the incidence and severity of P. viticola, and Pa. chlamydospora. For plants grown in the fi eld with a grapevine history, all fungicides except cyprodinil signifi cantly reduced the incidence and severity of Cylindrocarpon fungi. Also, the incidence and severity of Botryosphaeriaceae pathogens were signifi cantly decreased both by cyprodinil + fl udioxonil and by cyprodinil. No signifi cant differences were noticed for P. viticola incidence and severity, and Pa. chlamydospora was not detected again. These results suggest that the practice of soaking grapevine cuttings in selected fungicides prior to grafting signifi cantly reduces Cylindrocarpon spp. and Botryosphaeriaceae infections, thus improving the quality of planting material.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.5/1520
ISSN: 0031-9465
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