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Título: Complexity as Interrelatedness: an Input-Output Approach
Autor: Amaral, João Ferreira do
Dias, João
Lopes, João Carlos
Palavras-chave: economic complexity
input-output analysis
Data: Set-2004
Editora: Global Economic Modeling Network
Citação: Amaral, João Ferreira do, João Dias e João Carlos Lopes. 2004. "Complexity as Interrelatedness: an Input-Output Approach". Comunicação apresentada na EcoMod2004 - International Conference on Policy Modeling, Belgium, Brussels.
Resumo: In this paper we make a first attempt to link two subjects with a potentially useful, but as yet not conveniently explored, connection: the study of complexity and the (Leontief) input-output analysis. In this context, we consider economic complexity as interrelatedness between the different parts or sectors of an economy, as represented by an input-output system and one interesting question emerges, namely: should we expect to find a natural move to higher complexity as the economy grows and develops? And a related one: is a larger economy necessarily more complex than a smaller one? In a first attempt to answer these questions we propose a new measure of complexity as interrelatedness that combines a network effect and a dependency effect. In the empirical part of the paper we apply this measure of complexity to the inter-industry tables of several OECD countries, and discuss some interesting findings.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.5/1373
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