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Título: Assessing Economic Complexity in some OECD countries with Input-Output Based Measures
Autor: Lopes, João Carlos
Dias, João
Amaral, João Ferreira do
Palavras-chave: input-output analysis
intersectoral connectedness
economic complexity
Data: Jul-2008
Editora: Global Economic Modeling Network
Citação: Lopes, João, João Dias e João Ferreira do Amaral. 2008. "Assessing Economic Complexity in some OECD countries with Input-Output Based Measures". Comunicação apresentada na EcoMod2008 - International Conference on Policy Modeling, Germany, Berlin.
Resumo: Economic complexity can be defined as the level of interdependence between the component parts of an economy. In input-output systems intersectoral connectedness is a crucial feature of analysis, and there are many different methods of measuring it. Most of the measures, however, have important drawbacks to be used as a good indicator of economic complexity, because they were not explicitly made with this purpose in mind. In this paper, we present, discuss and compare empirically different indexes of economic complexity as sectoral connectedness, using the inter-industry tables of several OECD countries.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.5/1367
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