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Título: Social Accounting Matrix and the System of National Accounts: an application
Autor: Santos, Susana
Data: Jun-2005
Editora: ISEG – Unidade de Estudos sobre a Complexidade em Economia
Citação: Santos, Susana. 2005. "Social Accounting Matrix and the System of National Accounts: an application". Instituto Superior de Economia e Gestão - UECE Working papers 14-2005.
Relatório da Série N.º: Working papers;14/2005/DE/UECE
Resumo: The purpose of this session is to show how the System of National Accounts (SNA) and the input- output (supply and use) tables are used to construct a Social Accounting Matrix (SAM). Based on the country's National Accounts, an aggregate SAM will be constructed for the Portuguese economy and their full consonance will be demonstrated by identifying both the items and balances of the various internal accounts of the System in the constructed SAM. The SAM will be shown as a working instrument for quantifying the flows in the economic circuit, and blocks of sub-matrices with common characteristics will be described in terms of the accounting transactions that are included in each of them. As an example, a more detailed SAM will be constructed and the contents of its cells described in strict detail. The relationship between the SAM and the input-output table will also be briefly analysed.
Descrição: Presented to the 15th International Input-Output Conference, held at the Renmin University of China, Beijing, on 28 June 2005
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.5/1337
ISSN: 0874-4548
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