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The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine was the first institution to prepare veterinarians in Portugal. It was created by the King D. Manuel in 1830 with the decree issued in the "Gazeta de Lisboa" issued on the 7th April. Its first name was "Real Escola de Veterinária" - Royal School of Veterinary. The veterinary school was fused with the agronomic studies from 1852 to 1910, when it was established as the School of Veterinary Medicine. In 1918 the school was integrated in the university teaching model and named "Escola Superior de Medicina Veterinária" - High School of Veterinary Medicine. In 1930 along with four more schools, ESMV founds the Technical University of Lisbon - "Universidade Técnica de Lisboa". Finally in the 1st of August 1989 the school adopts its present name "Faculdade de Medicina Veterinária (FMV)" - Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. The course of Veterinary Medicine at FMV has the objective to prepare the future Veterinarians in the different areas covered by their professional activities, namely: companion animal's clinic, farm animal's clinic, animal preventive medicine and health, animal nutrition and animal production, sanitary inspection, food technology and inspection, veterinary public health and scientific research.