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Título: Exploring intellectual capital in a call centre through a 'system dynamics' resource based view
Autor: Bivona, Enzo
Palavras-chave: Intellectual Capital
Resource Based View
System Dynamics
Data: 2008
Editora: Instituto Superior de Economia e Gestão
Citação: Bivona, Enzo (2008). "Exploring intellectual capital in a call centre through a 'system dynamics' resource based view". Portuguese Journal of Management Studies, XIII(3):361-384
Resumo: This paper examines alternative Intellectual Capital (IC) investment policies in a dynamically com­ plex system in order to explain differences in firm performance. The analysis is supported through the use of a System Dynamics (SD) simulation model. This paper is based on the hypothesis that in order to explain superior performance, it is not sufficient to look at the endowment of strategic resources; it also requires an analysis of the dynamics of resource accumulation and depletion processes, which stem from management policies. To assess the impact of ICon company performance, a conceptual framework and an SD simulation model are developed. Finally, the results from alternative scenarios are presented.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.5/10033
Aparece nas colecções:2008, Volume XIII, nº 3

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