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Título: Dynamic aperiodic neural network for time series prediction
Autor: Chiu-Che, Tseng
Palavras-chave: Kset neural network
Time series
Data: 2007
Editora: Instituto Superior de Economia e Gestão
Citação: Chiu-Che, Tseng (2007). "Dynamic aperiodic neural network for time series prediction". Portuguese Journal of Management Studies, XII(2):99-114
Resumo: There are many things that humans find easy to do that computers are currently unable to do. Tasks such as visual pattern manipulating objects by touch, and navigating in a complex world are easy for humans. Yet, despite decades of research, we have no viable algorithms for performing these and other cognitive functions on a computer. In this study, we used a bio-inspired neural network called a KA­ set neural network to perform a time series predictive task. The results from our experiments showed that the predictive accuracy with this method was better in most markets than results obtained using a random walk method.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.5/10013
Aparece nas colecções:2007, Volume XII, nº 2

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