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2008Are drought and wilfires turning Mediterranean cork oak forests into persistent shrublands ?Acácio, Vanda; Holmgren, Milena; Rego, Francisco; Moreira, Francisco; Godefridus, M.J.MohrenarticleopenAccess
2010Calandra lark habitat selection: strong fragmentation effects in a grassland specialistMorgado, Rui; Beja, Pedro; Reino, Luís; Gordinho, Luís; Delgado, Ana; Borralho, Rui; Moreira, FranciscoarticleopenAccess
2017Combined effects of landscape composition and heterogeneity on farmland avian diversitySantana, Joana; Reino, Luís; Stoate, Chris; Moreira, Francisco; Ribeiro, Paulo F.; Santos, José L.; Rotenberry, John T.; Beja, PedroarticleopenAccess
2008Comparative ecology of the European eel, Anguilla anguilla (L.1758), in a large Iberian riverCosta, José Lino; Domingos, Isabel; Assis, Carlos A.; Almeida, Pedro R.; Moreira, Francisco; Feunten, Eric; Costa, Maria JoséarticleopenAccess
2009Comparing survival and size of resprouts and planted trees for post-fire forest restoration in central PortugalMoreira, Francisco; Catry, Filipe; Lopes, Tito; Bugalho, Miguel; Rego, FranciscoarticleopenAccess
2009A conceptual model of sprouting responses in relation to fire damage: an example with cork oak (Quercus suber L.) trees in Southern PortugalMoreira, Francisco; Catry, Filipe; Duarte, Inês; Acácio, Vanda; Silva, Joaquim SandearticleopenAccess
2015Conservation status of a recently described endemic land snail, Candidula coudensis, from the Iberian PeninsulaMoreira, Francisco; Calado, Gonçalo; Dias, SusanaarticleopenAccess
2010Ecologia do fogo e gestão de áreas ardidasMoreira, Francisco; Catry, Filipe X.; Silva, Joaquim Sande; Rego, FranciscobookopenAccess
2010Effects of changed grazing regimes and habitat fragmentation on Mediterranean grassland birdsReino, Luís; Porto, Miguel; Morgado, Rui; Moreira, Francisco; Fabião, António; Santana, Joana; Delgado, Ana; Gordinho, Luís; Cal, João; Beja, PedroarticleopenAccess
2009Factors affecting post-fire crown regeneration in cork oak (Quercus suber L.) treesCatry, Filipe Xavier; Moreira, Francisco; Duarte, Inês; Acácio, VandaarticleopenAccess
2013Hierarchic species-area relationships and the management of forest habitat islands in intensive farmlandLomba, Angela; Vaz, Ana Sofia; Moreira, Francisco; Honrado, João PradinhoarticleopenAccess
2017High unexpected genetic diversity of a narrow endemic terrestrial molluscMadeira, Pedro M.; Chefaoui, Rosa M.; Cunha, Regina L.; Moreira, Francisco; Dias, Susana; Calado, Gonçalo; Castilho, RitaarticleopenAccess
2009Influence of landscape characteristics on carnivore diversity and abundance in Mediterranean farmlandPita, Ricardo; Mira, António; Moreira, Francisco; Morgado, Rui; Beja, PedroarticleopenAccess
2014Mixed effects of long-term conservation investment in Natura 2000 farmlandSantana, Joana; Reino, Luís; Stoate, Chris; Borralho, Rui; Carvalho, Carlos Rio; Schindler, Stefan; Moreira, Francisco; Bugalho, Miguel N.; Ribeiro, Paulo Flores; Santos, José Lima; Vaz, Alexandre; Morgado, Rui; Porto, Miguel; Beja, PedroarticleopenAccess
2014Natural establishment of Eucalyptus globulus Labill. in burnt stands in PortugalÁguas, Ana; Ferreira, António; Maia, Paula; Fernandes, Paulo M.; Roxo, Luís; Keizer, Jan; Silva, Joaquim S.; Rego, Francisco Castro; Moreira, FranciscoarticleopenAccess
2013Post-fire survival and regeneration of Eucalyptus globulus in forest plantations in PortugalCatry, Filipe X.; Moreira, Francisco; Tujeira, Rui; Silva, Joaquim S.articleopenAccess
2010Size-dependent pattern of wilfire ignitions in Portugal: when do ignitions turn into big fires ?Moreira, Francisco; Catry, Filipe X.; Rego, Francisco Castro; Bacao, FernandoarticleopenAccess
2017The orthoptera of Castro Verde special protection area (Southern Portugal): new data and conservation valuePina, Sílvia; Vasconcelos, Sasha; Reino, Luís; Santana, Joana; Beja, Pedro; Sánchez-Olivier, Juan S.; Catry, Inês; Moreira, Francisco; Ferreira, SóniaarticleopenAccess
2011Wildfires as a major driver of landscape dynamics in three fire-prone areas of PortugalSilva, Joaquim S.; Vaz, Pedro; Moreira, Francisco; Catry, Filipe X.; Rego, Francisco CastroarticlerestrictedAccess
2017Wired: impacts of increasing power line use by a growing bird populationMoreira, Francisco; Encarnação, Vitor; Rosa, Gonçalo; Gilbert, Nathalie; Infante, Samuel; Costa, Julieta; D'Amico, Marcello; Martins, Ricardo C.; Catry, InêsarticleopenAccess