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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Characterization of genomic polyploids plasticity in the wheat-rye systemBento, Miguel Ângelo Martins Oliveira
Dec-2004Chromosomal locus rearrangements are a rapid response to formation of the allotetraploid Arabidopsis suecica genomeSilva, Manuela; Viegas, Wanda; Pontes, Olga; Neves, Nuno; Lewis, Michelle S.; Madlung, Andreas; Comai, Luca; Pikaard, Craig
2004A concerted DNA methylation/histone methylation switch regulates rDNA gene dosage control and nucleolar dominanceSilva, Manuela; Viegas, Wanda; Lawrence, Richard J.; Early, Keith; Pontes, Olga; Chen, Z.; Neves, Nuno; Pikaard, Craig.S.
2008Distribution patterns of phosphorylated Thr 3 and Thr 32 of histone H3 in plant mitosis and meiosisCaperta, A.; Rosa, M.; Delgado, M.; Karimi, R.; Demidov, D.; Viegas, Wanda; Houben, A.
2010Efeitos do stress térmico na transcrição e topologia nuclear de sequências repetitivasTomás, Diana Raquel dos Santos
2007Epigenetics: the functional memory of ribosomal genesViegas, Wanda; Silva, Manuela; Neves, Nuno
2006Erasure of histone acetylation by Arabidopsis HDA6 mediates large-scale gene silencing in nucleolar dominanceSilva, Manuela; Viegas, Wanda; Earley, Keith; Lawrence, Richard; Pontes, Olga; Reuther, Rachel; Enciso, Angel; Neves, Nuno; Gross, Michael; Pikaard, Craig
2010Genome merger: from sequence rearrangements in triticale to their elimination in wheat-rye addition linesSilva, Manuela; Viegas, Wanda; Bento, Miguel; Gustafson, Perry
2002Genome restructuring in rye affects the expression, organization and disposition of homologous rDNA lociCaperta, A.; Neves, Nuno; Morais-Cecílio, L.; Malhó, Rui; Viegas, Wanda
Dec-2008Interplay of ribosomal DNA Loci in nucleolar dominance: dominant NORs are up-regulated by chromatin dynamics in the wheat-rye systemSilva, Manuela; Viegas, Wanda; Pereira, H. Sofia; Bento, Miguel; Santos, Ana Paula; Shaw, Peter; Delgado, Margarida; Neves, Nuno
2012Involvement of disperse repetitive sequences in wheat/rye genome adjustmentTomás, Diana; Bento, Miguel; Viegas, Wanda; Silva, Manuela
Sep-2003Natural variation in nucleolar dominance reveals relationship between nucleolus organizer chromatin topology and rRNA gene transcription in ArabidopsisSilva, Manuela; Viegas, Wanda; Pontes, Olga; Lawrence, Richard; Neves, Nuno; Lee, Jae-Hyeok; Chen, Z.; Pikaard, Craig
2002Nucleolar dominance: A 'David and Goliath' chromatin imprint processViegas, Wanda; Silva, Manuela; Neves, N.
Jan-2008Polyploidization as a retraction force in plant genome evolution: sequence rearrangements in triticaleSilva, Manuela; Viegas, Wanda; Bento, Miguel; Pereira, H. Sofia; Rocheta, Margarida; Gustafson, Perry
Nov-2007Postembryonic establishment of megabase-scale gene silencing in nucleolar dominanceSilva, Manuela; Viegas, Wanda; Pontes, Olga; Lawrence, Richard; Preuss, Sasha; Costa-Nunes, Pedro; Earley, Keith; Neves, Nuno; Pikaard, Craig
2007Relationships between transcription, silver staining and chromatin organization of nucleolar organizers in Secale cerealeCaperta, A.; Neves, Nuno; Viegas, Wanda; Pikaard, Craig S.; Preuss, Sasha
2007RNA interference and nucleolar dominance establishment in Arabidopsis suecicaNunes, Pedro Miguel Melo da Costa
2009Rye Bs disclose ancestral sequences in cereal genomes with a potential role in gametophyte chromatid segregationPereira, H. Sofia; Barão, Augusta; Caperta, A.; Rocha, João; Viegas, Wanda; Delgado, Margarida
2007Transcriptionally active heterochromatin in rye B chromosomesCarchilan, Mariana; Delgado, Margarida; Ribeiro, Teresa; Nunes, Pedro Costa; Caperta, A.; Morais-Cecílio, L.; Jones, R. Neil; Viegas, Wanda; Houben, Andreas
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