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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Accessing gelling ability of vegetable proteins using rheological and fluorescence techniquesSousa, Isabel; Batista, Ana Paula; Portugal, Carla A.M.; Crespo, João G.; Raymundo, Anabela
2012Avaliação das propriedade gelificantes e emulsionantes de misturas de proteinas vegetaisTomé, Ana Sofia Araújo
2006Chlorella vulgaris and Haematococcus pluvialis biomass as colouring and antioxidant in food emulsionsSousa, Isabel; Gouveia, Luísa; Raymundo, Anabela; Batista, Ana Paula; Empis, José
2006Colored food emulsions - implications of pigment addition on the rheological behavior and microstructureSousa, Isabel; Batista, Ana Paula; Raymundo, Anabela; Empis, José; Franco, José Maria
2010Control of pathogenic and spoilage microorganisms from cheese surface by whey protein films containing malic acid, nisin and natamycinPintado, Cristina M.B.S.; Ferreira, Maria A.S.S.; Sousa, Isabel
2010Control of pathogenic and spoilage microorganisms from cheese surface by whey protein films containing malic acid, nisin and natamycinSousa, Isabel; Pintado, Cristina M.B.S.; Ferreira, Maria A.S.S.
2010Effect of freezing on the rheological, chemical and colour properties of Serpa cheeseAlvarenga, Nuno; Canada, João; Sousa, Isabel
2008Estimation of Serpa cheese ripening time using multiple linear regression (MLR) considering rheological, physical and chemical dataAlvarenga, Nuno; Silva, Paula; Rodriguez Garcia, José; Sousa, Isabel
2006Extensional flow behaviour of natural fibre-filled dough and its relationship with structure and propertiesSousa, Isabel; Piteira, M.F.; Maia, J.M.; Raymundo, Anabela
2005Fat mimetic capacity of Chlorella vulgaris biomass in oil-in-water food emulsions stabilized by pea proteinSousa, Isabel; Raymundo, Anabela; Gouveia, L.; Batista, A.P.; Empis, José
2011Fucose-containing exopolysaccharide produced by the newly isolated Enterobacter strain A47 DSM 23139Freitas, Filomena; Alves, Vitor D.; Torres, Cristiana A.V.; Cruz, Madalena; Sousa, Isabel; Melo, Maria João; Ramos, Ana M.; Reis, Maria A.M.
2008Functional biscuits with PUFA-omega 3 from Isochrysis galbanaGouveia, Luísa; Coutinho, Carla; Mendonça, Emanuel; Batista, Ana Paula; Sousa, Isabel; Bandarra, Narcisa; Raymundo, Anabela
2006Gelled vegetable desserts containing pea protein, k-carrageenan and starchSousa, Isabel; Nunes, M.C.; Raymundo, Anabela
2010Healthier foods with naturally encapsulated functional ingredients - microalgaeBatista, Ana Paula; Raymundo, Anabela; Bandarra, Narcisa M.; Sousa, Isabel; Empis, José; Gouveia, Luísa
2011Kinetics of production and characterization of the fucose-containing exopolysaccharide from Enterobacter A47Torres, Cristiana A.V.; Marques, Rodolfo; Antunes, Sílvia; Alves, Vitor D.; Sousa, Isabel; Ramos, Ana Maria; Oliveira, Rui; Freitas, Filomena; Reis, Maria A.M.
2001Licores de uva. Optimização da sua formulação, caracterização físico-quimica e sensorialLaureano, Olga; Ricardo-da-Silva, Jorge M.; Sousa, Isabel; Ferreira, Alexandre M.
2011Microalgae biomass interaction in biopolymer gelled systemsBatista, A.P.; Nunes, M.C.; Raymundo, A.; Gouveia, L.; Sousa, Isabel; Cordobés, F.
2010Microalgae biomass interaction in byopolymer gelled systemsSousa, Isabel; Batista, Ana Paula; Nunes, M.C.; Raymundo, Anabela; Gouveia, L.; Cordobés, F.
2008Microalgae in novel food productsSousa, Isabel; Gouveia, L.; Batista, Ana Paula; Raymundo, Anabela; Bandarra, N.M.
2012Novel foods with microalgal ingredients - effect of gel setting conditions on the linear viscoelasticity of Spirulina and Haematococcus gelsBatista, Ana Paula; Nunes, Maria Cristina; Fradinho, Patrícia; Gouveia, Luísa; Sousa, Isabel; Raymundo, Anabela; Franco, José M.
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