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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000Characterisation of yeast flora isolated from an artisanal Portuguese ewe's cheeseMalfeito-Ferreira, Manuel; Loureiro, Virgilio; Pereira-Dias, S.; Potes, M.E.; Marinho, A.
2001Development and use of a new medium to detect yeasts of the genera Dekkera/BrettanomycesMalfeito-Ferreira, Manuel; Loureiro, Virgilio; Pereira-da-Silva, S.; Rodrigues, N.; Gonçalves, G.
2008Evaluation of the inhibitory effect of dimethyl dicarbonate (DMDC) against wine microorganismsMalfeito-Ferreira, Manuel; Loureiro, Virgilio; Barata, Andre; Costa, A.
2003Factors affecting the production of 4-ethylphenol by the yeast Dekkera bruxellensis in enological conditionsMalfeito-Ferreira, Manuel; Loureiro, Virgilio; Dias, L.; Pereira-da-Silva, S.; Tavares, M.
2006Growth and 4-ethylphenol production by the yeast Pichia guilliermondii in grape juicesMalfeito-Ferreira, Manuel; Loureiro, Virgilio; Barata, Andre; Nobre, Ana; Correia, Pedro
2002Identification of yeasts isolated from wine-related environments and capable of producing 4-ethylphenolMalfeito-Ferreira, Manuel; Loureiro, Virgilio; Dias, L.; Dias, S.; Sancho, T.; Stender, H.; Querol, A.
2006Molecular typing of the yeast species Dekkera bruxellensis and Pichia guilliermondii recovered from wine related sourcesMalfeito-Ferreira, Manuel; Loureiro, Virgilio; Martorell, Patricia; Barata, Andre; Fernandez-Espinar, M. Teresa; Querol, Amparo
2008Sour rot-damaged grapes are sources of wine spoilage yeastsMalfeito-Ferreira, Manuel; Loureiro, Virgilio; Barata, Andre; Gonzalez, Sara; Querol, Amparo
2008Survival patterns of Dekkera bruxellensis in wines and inhibitory effect of sulphur dioxideMalfeito-Ferreira, Manuel; Loureiro, Virgilio; Barata, Andre; Caldeira, J.; Botelheiro, R.; Pagliara, D.
2010Susceptibility of wine spoilage yeasts and bacteria in the planktonic state and biofilms as disinfectantsMalfeito-Ferreira, Manuel; Loureiro, Virgilio; Tristezza, Mariana; Lourenço, António; Brito, Luísa; Barata, André
2008The effect of sugar concentration and temperature on growth and volatile phenol production by Dekkera bruxellensis in wineBarata, André; Pagliara, Daniela; Piccininno, Tiziana; Tarantino, Francesco; Ciardulli, Wilma; Malfeito-Ferreira, Manuel; Loureiro, Virgílio
Jul-2010Yeasts and wine off-flavours: a technological perspectiveMalfeito-Ferreira, Manuel
2000Zymological indicators: a new concept applied to the detection of potential spoilage yeast species associated with fruit pulps and concentratesMalfeito-Ferreira, Manuel; Loureiro, Virgilio; Sancho, T.; Gimenez-Jurado, G.
Showing results 2 to 14 of 14
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