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Título: The role of rural development policy in supporting agroforestry systems in EU
Autor: Pisanelli, A.
Marandola, D.
Marangiu, S.
Paris, P.
Rosati, A.
Romano, R.
Palavras-chave: agroforestry
rural development
Data: Jun-2014
Editora: EURAF
Resumo: A financial support (Measure 222) was introduced in the EU Rural Development Programmes (RDPs) 2007-2013 aimed at promoting the establishment of agroforestry systems on arable lands. The objectives of the paper are to: i) assess the implementation rate of the Measure 222 in EU27 during the period 2007-2013; ii) identify the main reasons and constraints that affected the farmers’ interest in the Measure 222, iii) highlight the perspectives in the next RDPs 2014-2020. The data on RDPs monitoring were obtained from the European Network for Rural Development (http://enrd.ec.europa.eu) and analyzed. The study compared the financial resources allocated to implement the Measure 222 with: i) the resources allocated to implement other forestry Measures; ii) the effective expenditures invested in establishing new agroforestry systems. The output indicators (number of beneficiaries and hectares under new agroforestry systems) were also analyzed in relation to their expected target. The Measure 222 was poorly applied across EU27: only few EU Regions have allocated resources to the Measure 222 and only 3.4% of these resources has been effectively invested to create new agroforestry systems on arable lands. Moreover, only 2.3% of the expected beneficiaries has been targeted and 2.1% of the expected hectares has been realized. The main constraints that have hampered the success of the Measure 222 in EU27 are reported. The new Regulation (EU Reg. 1305/2013) in support of rural development 2014-2020 states that: i) agroforestry systems comprise the combination between forestry plantations and agriculture on the same land; ii) grants should cover the establishment costs (up to 80% of the expenses) and the maintenance costs with an annual premium for 5 years; iii) beneficiaries should be not limited to farmers but may include also Municipalities and Associations. This new grant scheme should raise farmers and land owners interest in agroforestry systems.
Descrição: Presentation
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.5/7298
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