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Título: How do portuguese college students perceive e-commerce?
Autor: Oliveira, Sérgio Vasconcelos de
Reis, António Palma dos
Palavras-chave: E-Commerce
User Acceptance
PCI - Perceived Characteristics of Innovation;
TAM - Technology Acceptance Model
Internet Usage
Cognitive Decision Models
Social Cognitive Model
Consumer Behaviour
Issue Date: 2006
Editora: ISEG – Departamento de Gestão
Citação: Oliveira, Sérgio Vasconcelos de e António Palma dos Reis. 2006. "How do portuguese college students perceive e-commerce?". Instituto Superior de Economia e Gestão – Departamento de Gestão Working papers series nº 3-2006
Relatório da Série N.º: Working papers series;nº 3-2006
Resumo: This paper identifies that e-commerce adopters and non-adopters rate differently each of the supposed e-commerce qualities. While adopters consider that the most important qualities of e-commerce are best values on e-commerce, detailed information on e-commerce, timeliness, easiness of comparing and comfort, non-adopters rate personalization and availability higher than adopters do. The various patterns of attitude regarding e-commerce qualities were identified through a principal component factor analysis that proposed four factors: detail towards the optimal choice; practical; best values; and flexibility. The structural equation model explained e-commerce adoption based on the factors above and identified that while high ratings of detail towards optimal choice, practical and best values have a positive impact on e-commerce adoption, high ratings of flexibility is negatively associated with it. The negative association between the valuation of flexibility as an e-commerce quality and e-commerce adoption suggests that e-commerce is not providing enough flexibility, which is composed by personalization and availability, since the adopters rate it lower than the non-adopters do, what leads us to recommend improvements on these features towards the encouragement of the Internet users that are not yet e-commerce adopters.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.5/2197
ISSN: 0874-8470
Versão do Editor: http://www.iseg.utl.pt/departamentos/gestao/wp/N3_2006.pdf
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