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Título: Steep slope viticulture: training systems in narrow terraces, Touriga Nacional, Douro region
Outros títulos: Viticulture en forte pente: systemes de conduite en banquettes etroites, Touriga Nacional, Douro region
Viticultura en forte pendiente: sistemas de conduccion en terrazas estrechas para Touriga Nacional (region del Duero)
Autor: Castro, Rogério
Queiroz, J.
Cunha, M.
Magalhães, A.
Guimarães, D.
Sousa, M.
Cavadas, P.
Palavras-chave: vineyards
Touriga Nacional
narrow terraces
training system
Issue Date: Mar-2008
Editora: CERVIM
Citação: International Congress on mountain and steep slope viticulture, 2 nd, Galicia, March 2008
Resumo: More than 70% of the vineyards of Douro, the Port wine region, are planted in hillsides with a slope superior to 30%. After the inscription of the Douro Valley in the "World Heritage list - UNESCO", in slopes higher than 30% is mandatory that vineyards are planted in terraces with less than 2.5 m wide and a single row of plantation. However narrow terraces have the disadvantage of a low planting density and consequently a low yield potential, circumstance the disencourages its use by grape growers. Because of that, an experiment was performed in a vineyard planted in terraces of 2.3 m wide, and a single row of vines, with two alternatives of training. 1)the traditional vertical shoot positioning - VSP and 2)a double cordon, trained upwards and downwards, the LYS 2/3. Additionally, two pruning alternatives had been introduced in the cordon trained downwards of LYS 2/3, spur pruning (Royat) and can pruning. The variety used was Touriga Nacional, grafted in 110R. The results obtained in 2005 and 2006 showed that yield in the LYS 2/3 system was 24% higher than in the VSP. Regarding the quality parameters, both training systems reached good fruit sugar concentrations, 14.0 for VSP and 12.8% v/v for LYS 2/3. As conclusion, Touriga Nacional, revealed high quality potential and narrow terraces proved to be a very good alternative in planting hillside vineyards, being LYS 2/3 a system able to reach an important improvement in yield, and even if with a lower sugar content, allowing to achieve a satisfactory quality.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.5/1052
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