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Title: Efeito da alteração das Denominações de Origem vitivinícolas na preferência dos consumidores: o caso do Ribatejo/Tejo
Author: Guimarãis, Vitor António Rodrigues
Advisor: Costa, Ana Isabel de Almeida
Loureiro, Virgilio Borges
Keywords: official designation
region of origin
geographical indication
buying attitude
Defense Date: 2010
Publisher: ISA
Abstract: The purpose of this study was to understand how the change of an Official Designation influences wine consumers‟ buying attitude, i.e., have consumers noticed the recent change from “Ribatejo” to “Tejo” and in what way does it affect their wine buying decision. In light of this change it was also studied how the supplied information modifies consumers‟ behavior. Wine is a product characterized by various attributes (brand, price, grape variety, etc.) being the Region of Origin amongst the main ones relatively to the buying decision because it‟s a source of information to the consumer in regard of the product‟s quality. A test took place at a wine store in which the sales were registered and analyzed in order to obtain the necessary conclusions. It was concluded that the change of the Official Designation was accompanied with the lowering of prices. Consumers also preferred the Geographical Indication “Ribatejo” relatively to “Tejo” although the increasing supplied information level attenuated these preferences though without statistical significance because of the price effect that became bigger than all the other factors.
Description: Mestrado em Viticultura e Enologia - Instituto Superior de Agronomia
Appears in Collections:BISA - Dissertações de Mestrado / Master Thesis

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